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A platform for measuring beneficiary satisfaction and evaluating services and employees. Every establishment, regardless of its type of activity, can benefit from the platform. Our easy-to-use interface allows for seamless data collection, analysis, and reporting.

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Evolution and learning

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Quick alerts to senior management if quality decreases


Providing all available methods so that the customer can communicate his opinion to you


Work compatibility so that it can adapt to any business easily


Opening several paths for the customer to communicate with the quality department

the performance

Providing the best infrastructure to raise the level of performance

the quality

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Who benefits from the Ratehex service?

Every facility, regardless of its type of activity, can fully benefit from the platform

Government agencies and maids' offices

The evaluation reveals employees who do not achieve the goals set for their employment, which makes them a burden on the organization to replace them with others who are more qualified and capable of achieving the organization’s goals and thus its success.

Restaurants and cafes

The evaluation system helps you give your employees constructive feedback about their progress and ways to improve their performance or not, measure and control your restaurant operations to ensure continued quality and success, in addition to determining and prioritizing your budget.

Hospitals and medical complexes

Evaluation has become of great importance in the health field, as nurses, doctors, and workers in health centers are evaluated, and patients are also evaluated to detect specific health concerns or identify ways to help you improve your health.

Beauty and decoration centres

Evaluation within beauty centers is not as difficult as some people think, but we strive for professionalism in management and this is reflected in the performance of the center and its employees and will make it superior to its competitors in achieving more profits and attracting customers.

Non-profit entities

Many of them suffer from weakness in some technical aspects. The reason is the failure to evaluate the digital reality in organizations and reveal the need by knowing the strengths and weaknesses. The goal of the evaluation is to help rationalize spending and raise the level of awareness and technical maturity.

All other activities

The performance evaluation of your activity within the organization is to extrapolate the implications and indicators of regulatory information in order to make new decisions to correct the course of activities when they deviate, and to achieve organizational effectiveness by improving the level of your services provided.

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Lots of features only at Ratehex

Employee evaluation

Discovering employees’ strengths and weaknesses and working to improve them

Multiple answers

The number of answers is a maximum of five, and in some cases it can be made up to ten answers

Possible causes

To know the most important reasons for customer dissatisfaction and present them when conducting the evaluation

Unlimited items

You can include as many evaluation items as you wish. There is no limit   .

Opinion poll

It is intended to collect specific data about the audience and customers and does not affect the rating

Unlimited evaluation

Supports an unlimited number of evaluation processes

Departmental evaluation

Including more than one department and evaluating them at the same time.

Evaluation of services

The evaluation system for services benefits you in improving and developing your favorite services

Cross-device evaluation

Our assessment devices can be used to demonstrate the assessment system

Product evaluation

View product evaluations by inserting product images

Linkage with Sales API

We support linking with Success Partners systems, as well as any other systems to integrate the evaluation process

Evaluation via QR

It helps in spreading within the site to reach the highest possible segment

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